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The programme aims to allow architects to develop their signature modular / dfma (design for Manufacturing and Assembly) house designs through our (IAAP) collaborative framework. The designs will be posted in our digital collection of ready design homes so that it becomes accessible to home owners

To establish a mutually beneficial partnership between architects and Inplex to enhance collaboration in the build environment industry, as well as to advance the following :

Modular Approach
Promote adoption of dfma and modular approach to architectural design and construction
Innovative Designs
Develop innovative and diverse architectural design solutions through enhancedcollaboration with INplex’s digitalised Dfma framework.
Award Winning Architects
Streamline project processes, leading to cost and time efficiency for project delivery.
Innovative Designs
Develop innovative and diverse architectural design solutions through enhancedcollaboration with INplex’s digitalised Dfma framework.
Project Efficiency
Promote adoption of dfma and modular approach to architectural design and construction
Accessible Custom Homes
Through the integrated and streamlined digital platform, make custom build homes more accessible to consumers.
_Affiliate Architect of The Month

Warren Liu


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Want to get featured too?

Apply as a collaborating architect

Join our team at Inplex as a Collaborating Architect and be part of the future of custom home design. Leverage your passion for innovative and sustainable architecture to create bespoke modular homes with our Monomer Building System™

Apply now
  1. Interested Architects can submit application online through the INplex affiliation program for architects portal
  2. Applicants can be a sole proprietor, a partner of a practice or an architectural firm. Applicants must hold a valid practicing certificate / license registered with the board of architects in Singapore
  3. Applicants must submit relevant track record of completed landed house projects for minimum past 3 years
  4. Applications including the applicants Biography and company profile will be assessed by a voting system of fellow INplex architect affiliates
  5. The application will be assessed based on the quality of the applicants work and the suitability of the design submitted for dfma adoption
  6. Once the application is accepted, the applicant will be required to upload all the necessary information and visuals listed in the appendix _ for vetting before it’s posted on the INplex online digital platform.
1. Subscription

Upon posting of affiliate architect’s feature designs, on the INplex digital platform (under collection of ready design home), a monthly subscription fee of $25 will levied to cover the marketing, promotional, and public relations campaign expenses. A 60 days free subscription trial period for maximum 2 feature house design postings by every successful applicant.

a. Inplex Responsibilities:*

i. To provide the planning and design parameters, build-ability requirements and opportunities/ constraints of the adopted modular building system to the collaborating architect.

Ii. Review the design of collaborating architect and provide advise n recommendations on how the design can adhere to dfma principles and optimised to the modular building system.

Iii. Coordinate the Design of modular components with the collaborating architect to ensure feasibility of factory fabrication.

Iv. fabrication of modular components.

ii. On-site assembly and construction management.


b. *Affiliated Architect Responsibilities:*

i. Architectural design and planning.

ii. Coordination with Inplex to integrate modular components into the overall design.

iii. Compliance with aesthetic and functional requirements.

Iv. Adopt the standard general specifications provided by INplex

iv. Providing sufficiently detailed construction documentation for costing and construction (BIM model format preferred)

v. Ensuring the design is in compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Vi. On a project order basis, Perform all statutory duties (including submitting drawings to all necessary authorities for approval) expected of an architect in compliance with local codes and regulations.

vi. On a project order basis, make design alterations or construction adjustments at the client’s request (with agreed compensation for any additional work done.)

Vii. On a project order basis, Attend design co-ordination meetings when necessary and at the request of the client as well as from time to time to resolve design related issues.

(Note: Project workscope and terms will be agreed upon in a separate agreement )

  • INplex will provide the design parameters, general templates, modular system information to collaborating architects.
  • Submitted designs will be vetted by INplex’s network of Dfma specialist  and feedback given to collaborating architect for their followup action.
  • Regular coordination meetings will be held to discuss design & project progress as well as address any challenges or improvements.
  • Timely sharing of design revisions, specifications, and other relevant information.
  • Collaborative decision-making on design alterations or on site construction adjustments.

Any intellectual property developed during the collaboration will be jointly owned by inplex and the Affiliated Architect, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive project information and not disclose it to third parties.

a. Compensation terms will be agreed upon in a separate schedule of payment agreement.

b. Costs associated with design changes, project delays, or additional services will be compensated as necessary.

a. A mutually agreed-upon project timeline and milestones will be established before the award of the project.

b. Delays should be communicated promptly, and both parties will work together to mitigate the impact on the project.

 a. Either party may terminate the collaboration with written notice if the other party breaches the terms of this agreement.

  a. Disputes will be resolved through negotiation and, if necessary, mediation through the SMC before pursuing legal action.

a. Thie above agreement is governed by the laws of Singapore.

b. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and agreed by both parties.

INplex will promote affiliated architects and publish featured house designs through but not limited to our blogs, Social Media Ads, other digital Marketing channels, online publications, webinars and INplex website landing page

   – In order for the Marketing to be effective, a  joint effort to promote successful collaborations is necessary.

   – Collaborating Architect must Agree on the use of project images, information and success stories in promotional materials.

Collaborating architects are encouraged to create and channel their own online links to INplex website and promotional material.

Apply as a collaborating architect

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_Affiliate Architect Application Form
  • Architects (QP) can apply or be  invited to become a collaborating architect with Inplex to post their signature homes using our monomer building system.  
  • Upon qualifying as a collaborating architect with Inplex, we will work with participating architects to adapt their signature designs to the Monomer Building System 
  • Once the featured architect’s house design is ready, it will be  uploaded onto our online collection of Ready Design Home allowing customers to view and buy the designs through our platform.
  • Customers may choose from various  options offered for your professional services to implement the project with Inplex