Monomer HOUSE

Design-Ready Homes - Nexus Series - Semi-Detached / Corner Terrace Dwellings

A modular home design typically refers to homes that are assembled together using factory-built components, modules, or sections. This can include a variety of parts, such as prefabricated metal structures, precast walls and roof, and more, that are manufactured elsewhere and later permanently installed at a dedicated site.

The final outcome of this home building method is very much similar to that of a traditional home building project in regards to quality and consistency. When done right, there will be no way of knowing that the home was constructed by connecting factory-built pieces together, unless of course that was the look and feel you were aiming for.

329.56 sqm


Standard: 8.5 x 14.4m (W x L)


3 storey, 6 bedrooms + study, 5 bathrooms

Cost Estimate

Design & Engineering:






Site Work:


Transport and Install:



$1.38 x M

*See pricing page for estimate assumptions and exclusions


Designed by Inplex, A D Lab

Warren Liu

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


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Design Payment Cost

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