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Ker How


Ker How believes that all good design stems from a solid plan, a passion for crafts and an interest in unique experiences. These desires form the basis for the founding of the award-winning design practice ASOLIDPLAN (asolidplan.sg). Built on the belief that all good design begins with a well-conceived plan, the company is interested in design that provokes, questions, pushes limits; and loves creating spaces that are evocative, that can connect with the environment and beyond.

Upon graduation with a Master of Architecture from National University of Singapore, Ker How had indulged himself in the training of all forms of design typology. Having honed skills from Zarch Collaboratives, Formwerkz Architects and DP Architects, he had acquired a rich portfolio that ranges from master-planning, hospitality, residential, commercial, conservation and notably the 2008 Singapore National Day Stage Set design.

Other than built works in Singapore, Ker How also has built overseas projects such as a golf course resort development in Southern China and a mixed commercial development, collaborated with Cecil Balmond, in Sri Lanka. Besides the usual commissioned projects, he had led various design teams to multiple design awards locally and internationally.

He is currently a registered architect with the Board of Architects in Singapore and a registered ASEAN ARCHITECT of the region. He now sits on the Singapore Institute of Architects Council, as the Honorary Secretary, co-chairing the Design Thrust. Ker How is currently an adjunct lecturer with the LASALLE College of the Arts, after a few years of teaching with the Singapore Polytechnic.

"DFMA is a promising approach for Singapore's housing, streamlining construction in a time-constrained and manpower-limited society by minimizing trades and reducing miscommunications."

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At ASOLIDPLAN, we are more than just an architectural firm; we are a community of creators. Founded in 2014 by Wong Ker How and later joined by partners Quck Zhong Yi and Lim Jing Feng, our firm is built on a foundation of friendship and a shared passion for impactful design. Each project we undertake is an opportunity to enhance the lives of individuals and communities through thoughtful and evocative architecture. We believe that a good design begins with a clear and strong plan.

We specialize in a diverse range of projects, from residential homes and apartments to unique spaces like travelling exhibitions and even grand stages at Marina Bay for national events. Our design philosophy centers on being sincere and honest in our approach, ensuring that each space we create is not only functional but also emotionally resonant. We take pride in our ability to navigate complex challenges, such as transforming unconventional spaces into welcoming environments where people can connect and thrive.

Our work is characterized by a blend of functional elegance and quirky innovation, a reflection of our commitment to rethinking traditional architectural practices. Whether we’re designing for a private residence or a public celebration, our focus is always on the human experience, leveraging both the latest technology and the timeless principles of good design to create spaces that are both beautiful, evocative and beneficial to their users.